Avenues of Service

Rotary International, a global service organization, has identified six key areas of focus called “Avenues of Service.” These avenues serve as a framework for Rotary clubs and members to plan and implement meaningful service projects. The six Rotary’s Avenues of Service are:

  1. Club Service: This avenue focuses on the internal functioning and fellowship of Rotary clubs. It involves activities that help to maintain an effective club structure, engage members, foster friendships, and ensure smooth club operations.
  2. Vocational Service: Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to apply their professional skills and expertise to address community needs. It involves promoting high ethical standards in business and professions, recognizing the worthiness of all useful occupations, and providing opportunities for vocational development and mentorship.
  3. Community Service: Community Service encompasses projects and initiatives that address the specific needs of the local community. It involves identifying local challenges, developing sustainable solutions, and implementing service projects that have a positive and lasting impact on the community.
  4. International Service: International Service focuses on promoting goodwill and understanding among nations and addressing humanitarian needs around the world. It involves supporting international projects, participating in global partnerships, and collaborating with Rotary clubs in different countries to address issues such as poverty, disease, illiteracy, and peacebuilding.
  5. Youth Service: Youth Service involves working with young people to develop leadership skills, promote service, and foster cultural understanding. Rotary offers various youth programs, such as Interact (for secondary school students), Rotaract (for young adults aged 18-30), and Rotary Youth Exchange (which provides opportunities for cultural exchange and international goodwill).
  6. New Generations Service: New Generations Service focuses on engaging young people in Rotary’s work and involving them in service activities. It includes programs that support the development of young leaders, provide educational opportunities, and empower youth to make a positive difference in their communities.

These Avenues of Service provide a comprehensive approach for Rotary clubs and members to make a meaningful impact at the local, national, and international levels while promoting fellowship and ethical practices.

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