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Executive Director of the Los Alamos Historical Society Heather McClenahan provides Rotarians with an update on the Manhattan Project National Historic Park during Tuesday’s regular meeting at the Los Alamos County golf course clubhouse. She explained currently the park only exists on paper. There is no staff and no budget on the National Park Service’s side. However, there is currently a temporary visitor center setup next to the Teen Center. She added the county has made the national park its top economic priority. An estimated 250,000 people are expected to visit the park. McClenahan also said the National Parks and the Los Alamos Historical Society are collaborating together on this project. Los Alamos National Laboratory is also involved. For instance, the lab is developing an app that will provide an almost virtual reality experience for visitors. For instance, if visitors download the app onto one of their devices, and hold their device up to Ashley Pond, they will see the pond as it looked back in 1944. Or if they hold their device up to the statutes of J. Robert Oppenheimer or Gen. Lesley Groves, they will see Oppenheimer extend his hand to shake theirs.

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