Rotary pays tribute to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor


“My father said, ‘We are living history-do not forget it,” Los Alamos resident and Living Treasure Mary Zemach told members of the Rotary Club of Los Alamos as she recalled her experience as a young girl in Honolulu the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Zemach shared her story during last Tuesday’s regular club meeting.  She and members of her family were driving in their car when a police officer pulled them over and informed them that the Japanese had attacked. They eventually made their way to a police station where cars’ headlights were being painted black so they could be driven unseen. Meanwhile, Zemach’s mother was put in charge of the neighborhood block. Her responsibilities were to tell people to turn off their gas and water lines and keep everyone calm. That night, Zemach’s home was transformed into a bomb shelter with 21 people housed in her family’s basement. “I remember a child’s point of view,” she said. “But I do remember (it) very clearly.”

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